Types of lawyers most in demand nowadays

The figure of the lawyer is undergoing a tangible evolution from the point of view of mentality and relationship, in fact there are various types of lawyer today .

Let’s see the five types of lawyers most in demand today. Five types of lawyer

While lawyers are thought to all do the same thing, there are actually different types of lawyers. Let’s see the 5 most requested.

Types of lawyer

Labor lawyers

The Labor Lawyer  is a professional who has gained  specific training inlabor law. It therefore deals with  disputes between employees (or former employees) and employers , assisting workers in company disputes or offering its own advice and assistance to the company about child support lawyer.

Family Relations Lawyer

lawyer who deals with family relations has now taken on the role of a real consultant: in carrying out his business he has before him a nucleus of legal rules in continuous evolution and subject to application re-reading by the courts of merit.

Lawyers specialized in industrial law

Lawyers specialized in industrial law provide assistance to their clients in order to protect – also in court – intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs and models, secret information, geographical indications and denominations of origin, software and databases).

Types of lawyer

They also deal with the drafting and negotiation of contracts for the transfer or licensing of intellectual property and strategic and commercial consultancy for the development, registration, exploitation and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights.

Banking lawyers

This lawyers take care of drafting contracts or information notes, as well as participating in the resolution of any conflicts.

Freelance Lawyers

But, in recent years, there are also more and more  freelancers , or lawyers with their own firm. In these cases, the professional figure has more freedom of action: he can provide advice to banks or offer his services to citizens and entrepreneurs, verifying the presence of an offense and acting accordingly.

There are two main divisions of lawyers, civil and criminal. Civil lawyers handle cases involving internal matters, such as wills and inheritances, divorces and adoptions. Civil lawyers also deal with tax law, corporate law and personal injury cases. They also deal with constitutional law.

Criminal lawyers handle cases involving crimes. These include cases of serious crime, such as murder, as well as traffic violations and cases involving minors. Within the area of ​​specialization of criminal lawyers, the lawyer will pursue the case or defend the case.

Prosecutors are one of several types of lawyers who work for the state or federal government. They search for criminal cases and argue against the accused in court. They can also offer plea bargains for the defendant. A plea deal means that the defendant admits a minor offense in exchange for a reduced sentence. The accused is represented by a defense lawyer. A defense attorney is a type of attorney who works for himself or as part of a larger law firm. They are not employees of the state or federal government. They defend their client in court and can negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor.