The Hot Stone Massage has millenary origins and basically derives from two traditions: the Ayurveda one and the Shamanic one of the Arizona Indians. This massage combines, thanks to the use of hot stones, the beneficial effects of thermotherapy and those more typical of massage. The term “hot” indicates precisely the heat accumulated by these stones, and represents a sort of energy that we all need: in fact it reminds us of our being warmed by maternal love, a caress or a hug, and more generally it is that warmth that helps us to grow, to live and that becomes a hearth and sun in the cold moments of life massage therapist in Harrisburg.

The treatment lasts about an hour and mainly uses black basalt stones, therefore of volcanic origin, which are heated in special heaters containing water to a temperature between 60-70 ° C. These stones are of different sizes and weights (for the different areas to be treated) and they all have one characteristic: in addition to having a perfectly polished smooth surface, they have the peculiarity of absorbing heat (holding it longer and more uniformly than other stones) and to release this heat very slowly in contact with the skin. To facilitate the sliding of the stones on the body, a massage oil will be applied (with the possible addition of essences or aromas, if you want to obtain even more specific benefits) and the manual will be more or less incisive, according to the moments in which the stone is used “cutting” or “flat”. Furthermore, the stones can also be simply placed on specific painful points or directly on the chakras (this to improve the flow of energy within the body).

The Hot Stone Massage has an extraordinary decontracting, detoxifying and revitalizing power. More specifically, it is indicated and recommended for: Dissolve muscle stiffness and improve joint mobility (as it relieves tensions, especially those in the spine that cause painful and sometimes disabling back pain).

Improve blood and lymphatic circulation (it decongests lymphatic deposits and therefore improves fluid retention).

Smooth the skin (as it promotes skin regeneration processes).