Idgod – Want To Know About Idgod? Is it Legal Or Not?


So, Idgod is a company that makes fake IDs illegal. But you might wonder why do people use fake IDs? So counterfeit IDs are being used by youth commonly. So that they could enter into bars, casinos, and those areas where minors are prohibited. But the child is already so much indulged in gambling, drinking, smoking, and they need fake IDs the most for doing things that adults can only do. These things are more common in the United States Of America.

People might wonder, Is it that easy to get fake IDs?

So, the answer is no. It is not that easy to get fake IDs, but idgod makes it easier for people to get them. They make ID cards with magnetic strips that could be scanned. And they also possess barcodes. It is pretty well known across the U.S.A among students because these fake IDs help them get past the bouncers standing outside the bars and casinos, which generally don’t allow people less than 18 years. So, if someone is interested in buying these fake ID cards, they can shop them from idgod. The cards are open for customisation of your information, like your picture. Also, they give you a duplicate of the fake ID.

 Why is idgod is being called idgod, and how are they so good at it?

You must have been heard before that a person who is good at something which others are not will never tell anyone what the secret behind him is being good at that particular thing. In the same way, the company also would not reveal its secret but share its characteristics and key features, and that is –


  1. They use laser card printers of the highest quality to make these fake ID cards.
  2. They have been doing all this business since 2004.

How do they guarantee that the fake IDs won’t get caught?

The thing is that the fake id can easily be caught by listening to its sound when dropped. Because the actual cards are made on polycarbonate, it becomes essential for them to use the same material in that case. And this is how they guarantee their services.